THE UFO Conference to Attend in Sedona!

The Sedona UFO Sightings Conference is the NEW STANDARD of UFO conferences. It is hosted in Sedona, Arizona, providing information from researchers, experiencers, authors, data aggregators, and experts from fields such as exo-physics, exo-politics, exotic technologies, metaphysics as it relates to ETs & UFOs, and much more.

Created by Arizona UFO Tours, this conference stands apart from the others in the industry because of the content, the venue, and the seriousness and depth of knowledge of the participants in addition to the FUN such an event should bring to a community.

The first year for this event was 2021, and content from the premier conference is available under the 2021 Content heading in the menu for this site. While the debut conference was scheduled on the 24th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights event, future dates for the conference will probably be held a little later in the year to avoid weather surprises!

Event co-produced by Arizona UFO Tours & SeƱor Bob’s
Bringing FUN back to Sedona!