the 2021 Conference!

WOW! What a success! The conference, in spite of a freak snow storm (manufactured?) was an overwhelming success for information dissemination on UFOs/ETs, and so much more!

Although a couple of the scheduled speakers could not arrive due to weather and/or illness (no, not covid), we had last-minute substitutions that still made the conference sparkle with life.

Duane Olinger

Duane Olinger from the Blind Frog Ranch was a stellar speaker, and this was his FIRST conference! Duane discussed the strange happenings and amazing healing properties of the soil from where an ancient meteorite landed on his property in Utah.

Duane has a TV show on Discovery called the Mysteries of the Blind Frog Ranch.

Arcturus Ra

Arcturus Ra, a friend of Michael’s for 9 years, was also chock full of information and answers for people who had deep questions on many issues. His knowledge of metaphysics and exo-physics is extensive, and it’s hard to not be entranced by his presence and German accent. Ra is a developer of a working Med-Bed that has no electrical input.

Laurie Wheeler

Laurie Wheeler, with her life-long interaction with energies not of this world, and knowledge of health and wellness, was a speaker providing information from a different perspective than almost any health professional can give.

Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross ( referenced many of the people who have given her first hand accounts of ET and other strange experiences whom she’s had on her show and  wrote about in her many books. She has also experienced many strange events and holds her own conference in Sedona as well.

Tom Dongo

Tom Dongo (long-time Sedona UFO expert) was also well received and loved for his presentation and knowledge, as he’s been an experiencer in Sedona for decades. His familiarity with Sedona history and the unusual happenings in the area is unparalleled. Tom has written seven books on paranormal happenings that he has researched and/or experienced.

Michael O’Sedona

As for Michael, well, you’ll have to ask those who attended to get their opinions on his presentation. He covered everything from classified government projects to exo-physics to personal contact with Cruxian Extraterrestrials, as well as his decade of knowledge regarding satellites, missiles, and Space Force technology.

Food was provided by MoonDog’s Pizza, Fojol Brothers, and Jack’s Taco Shack making for a variety of wonderful foods to satisfy the attendees as well as those of us working the event! The bus that Fojol Brothers brought was an experience in its own right, and it’s worth the trip to Cottonwood just to see it!

Element 115

Saturday night, Element 115 (the band with the ET drummer named AL) came out from an eleven year hiatus to entertain freedom lovers and constitutionalists with their originals and some covers! Carla, AL and Michael were on top of their game, even though Jess, former guitar player/keyboardist with the band, and Kev, former keyboardist/singer were unable to attend this concert due to prior obligations in their respective day-job fields (boo!).

ONE performs

Then, the ONE band (with Michael playing all the instruments and vocals) threw classic rock favorites out to the audience who saw something they’ve never seen before. (Special thanks to Mac Macoy for running sound, and Carla for sitting in on a couple of tunes on bass and vocals!)

Sunday’s Panel (Ms. Ross had to leave early) with Duane, Laurie, Ra, & Michael O’Sedona

Sunday, the panel discussion with the above named speakers was just stellar! Pictures and videos will be posted on this website along with next year’s plans for the 2nd annual conference.

Be sure to check in on this site, and for updates.

Michael’s new TV show, Sedona UFOs ( will also be coming alive shortly with clips from the convention and new episodes of his UFO tour as the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, and commentary from attendees who experience the most amazing UFO tours available.

Donation Station UFO

While the event was FREE admission, attendees were gracious with their donations, and next year’s event has a head start thanks to all their generosity. Thank you, everyone, for making this first annual Sedona UFO Sightings conference such a success!

Speaker’s Award

Thanks also to Craig Nimtz, the co-producer of the event. Without him, the venue would not have been usable. Craig also makes the best cheeseburger in a 90 mile radius, so be sure to visit Señor Bob’s if you’re in Sedona!

The speakers’ awards were created by Joanne & Art Hiscox and as you can see, they are amazing works of art, some of which came with wood pedestals, and some of Red Rock stone!